Higher Failure Rates For Certain Small Businesses?

Perhaps you have read our previous blog post related to small businesses.  If not you may want to check it out before continuing with this post. After going into a little more depth with the topic of small business and whatever your economical advantages may be there are still a few insights to consider in starting a small business. Probably the most important topic is what services you are offering and how in demand they are in your specific demographic/market.  Starting a business no matter the size is hard work and requires financing. Those of us that are attempting to start a business want some sort of reassurance that we can make it. Some small businesses succeed better than others no matter the amount of work or money you put into it. That being said what businesses are the hardest to get off the ground and gaining momentum?

Difficult Businesses To Start

    • Restaurants- It seems like a fantastic plan and the food is going to be great! Restaurants however are tough and A LOT we mean A LOT of hard work and capital. The overhead for product and employees are just a couple thing that goes into the over all aspect of opening a restaurant.  You have to bank on a certain number of ales which requires a certain number of customers to dine each day. Think about size, overhead and all encompassing aspects. A good flexible plan is required as well
    • Limo Service- Seems easy enough, car, license, gain customers.  True to some extent, however although prom, weddings, and special occasions are frequent in everyday life, does your demographic and local market support the need for a limo service? A friend of mine, Alison, owns a Limoz a limo & luxury car service in Phoenix, Arizona. Describing the start up of her business she confided the market is tough.  Either you have a ton of competition or you don’t have enough clientele. Also certain permits and licensing goes into a limo service company and those can become costly after adding them all up. Would a limo service thrive or fail here in Acton?
  • Retail Store- Although the grand scheme of things seem great a retail store is one of the hardest businesses to start.  With the cost of the space, employees and all of the merchandise the overall expense rises quickly. Will your local market support your store as much as necessary?  Is the competition extreme? Second hand stores have somewhat of a better chance and tend to succeed at a better rate.

In general this article was meant to put into perspective the risks that are involved with small business start ups.  While I hope that we all if not most of us ant to support local and small businesses, it depends on the demographic and market as whole for the said business to succeed.The economy is ever changing and should be a considered factor in your decision whether to begin your business venture.

California- Leader In Small Business

California is the nation’s leader when it comes to the largest economy and local market of all states. A suprising fact is that small businesses make up a HUGE part of this economy.  To get a better idea of exactly what I’m talking about we can take a look at the statistics compiled by The Small Business Administration Office Of Advocacy (SBA). The SBA creates an annual profile for each state regarding the statistics of small businesses.

 Statistical Reports Of Small Business

  • 95.9% of California export services are comprised of small business owners
  • 49.2 % of people employed in the state of California are employed by small businesses
  • 99.8% of California businesses are small businesses
  • Each year 197,352 are created by small businesses in the state of California
  • 9 in every 100 women is the owner of one of these small businesses
  • 10 out of every 100 minorities also owns a small business
  • 13 out of every 100 veterans is a small business owner

If looked at, small business dominance per industry, construction dominates its industry market with 84% of construction businesses being a small business

Although the small businesses statistics for California look a lot better than many other states they still have their battles.  In fact the cost of living and the cost of doing business in California is at a all time high, making it to the bottom of the list of most affordable places to live.  That alone is a definite struggle for small business owners along with the mixed taxes that are required per business. There is light at the end of this tunnel however.  Available to small business owners is the SBA 504 Loan. A loan to help small business owners get there business off the ground when capital can be somewhat of an issue.

SBA 504 Loan Info

  • Administered by Certified Development Companies (CDC)
  • CDC helps to pair you with a conventional lender
  • Conventional lender will pay up to 50% or more of total

Small businesses may face a lot of uphill battles, but here in the state of California we have economical advantages.  If you are trying to start a small business and couple those economical advantages with the different resources available you have a great chance of succeeding in carrying out your businesses vision.  We all have to start somewhere. Acton supports all of those in the state of California as well as all other states in succeeding in small business. After alll small businesses are owned by those that are just like us.  People supporting families and wishing to carry out their dream. Let’s support eachother!


The Thomas Fire-Biggest Fire In California History

As part of the state of California as well as out of sole compassion for all of those involved and devastated by the Thomas Fire burning throughout Southern California, we wanted to do a featured blog on the devastation and loss that has ensued since the beginning of this enormous blaze.  Starting on December, 4th of 2017, the fire quickly grew to an overwhelming mass, consuming everything within its path, as it was being fueled by the Santa Ana winds coming out of Ventura.  Cal Fire (California department of Forestry & Fire Protection) has deemed the Thomas fire the largest in California history having burned more 273,400. This is surpassing the Cedar Fire of San diego that burned 273,246 acres in 2003. It is also listed as the third most destructive structural wise with consuming 1,063 structures along its destructive path.  More than 2,800 firefighters have battled flames for more than 3 weeks.  In fact it has been one of if not the most expensive fire to battle in history, totaling a price tag of 110 million dollars!  Although we can say that we have not had many deaths related to this fire, it did take the life of one brave San Diego based firefighter, Cory Iverson.  Our heart and prayers go out to the family of Corey Iverson we are so thankful of his efforts and service!

With weather conditions improving, firefighters are finally getting an advantage on the fire, with no new balzes starting.  We as a community here in Acton can only begin to imagine the devastation and loss that families and residents of Ventura and Santa Barbara county may feel.  With numerous families losing their homes, belongings, and family keepsakes the rebuilding process is just beginning.  Should any of our readers, residents, or friends wish to volunteer in helping these communities start to pick up the pieces and rebuild, we suggest you reach out to the California Red Cross. Any and all volunteer efforts can aid in helping people being to recover from this tremendous natural disaster.  We also encourage all of the residents of this state to be mindful and aware of fire hazards and fire causing items and situations.  While something can start as a small flame we have just seen as a world how quickly that flame can grow becoming devastating disaster that cannot be undone.


Invest In Yourself, Invest In Real Estate

When deciding on the city or town that is right for you to call home you have to think about the type or property you are going to invest in.  Buying a home is an exciting and scary thing all rolled into one, however knowing how to properly invest in real estate is a skill that will benefit you in many ways.  Whether you are buying property to make your home or investing to turn around and make a profit there are definitely key things to be aware of and take into consideration.  When purchasing my first home in Acton I was very green in the real estate field.  However I reached out to a Phoenix based company DKings,  which is not only a real estate mentoring company but also does “Fix & Flip” property renovation.  I have to admit that starting out I felt intimidated and lacked confidence in myself in this field.  Buying and selling real estate deals with a lot of money at stake and that was just plain scary to me.  However working with Kaulana DeLeon the owner and creator of DKings was an experience that I can only call beneficial and amazing.  Starting with next to no knowledge at all I took away from my mentoring program the skill set to buy and sell property, fix and flip houses with a big profit margin to my advantage, as well as soundly invest in a home of my own.  Having worked with him over 2 years ago now I have thrown myself into the real estate business and have succeeded greatly.  The awesome thing about it is if I still have questions or need mentoring I call kings and they continue to aid me in growing even more knowledgeable.

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Great Cities Near Acton


Those of you that live in Acton or perhaps just have visited know of the great towns and cities surrounding Acton.  For those of you new to the area you might feel as if you  have a little exploring to do.  Where do you start?  Well known cities close to Acton start with Los Angeles which is just a mere 29 miles away. Which means living in Acton would make you close to the big city and all its fame and excitement but still far enough away to enjoy a little bit more peace and quiet and a lot less of a populated city.  Next we have Studio City that is 44 miles away.  Known for it’s name and the fact the Brady Bunch house is located there, it is also home to many famous people.  Driving around the city there you never know who you might run into.  Next we have Anaheim, which we all is known for being the home of Disney Land!  Totaling only 47 miles from Acton it is a short drive for you and your family to make Disney Land your playground for the day!  Also known for other theme parks as well such as Disney California Adventure and Six Flags to name a few.  Part of Orange County there are beautiful beaches to see as well.  Next we have Long Beach which is just a short 2 miles from Anaheim with a total of 49 from Acton.  Long Beach is the hub of shipping as well as other industrial business.  With a lucrative oil industry that has slowly declined over the years, Long Beach may not be a place to raise a family but it does offer jobs in many fields.

Last I want to mention this impressive city, not because it is a short distance from Acton but because it isn’t really that far.  With it’s beautiful beaches, beachy towns, awesome nightlife and beautiful sites San Diego, California is beloved by many!  Only 135 miles from the city of Acton it makes for a good getaway destination or perhaps a long weekend exploring the San Diego Zoo, Pacific Beach or any of the seaside towns located within this city.  With board walks to walk along, beaches to soak up the sun, play in the waves and relax in the sand, San Diego is a place of fun and beauty.  Living in Acton we have made this city our vacation spot many times over the years. From exploring Gaslamp district with friends, watching the Padres play up against other major league Baseball teams at Chase Field, to listening to music at the House Of Blues, it is a city to be visited!

Acton is rather centrally located and has a lot of great near and not so far towns located in its proximity.  With only a population of 21,929 Acton is one of the smaller cities located in California. If you like the smaller town feel but still want adventure at your doorstep, Action may be a town worth checking out.  We feel it has a lot to offer and can be a great place to call home.

Acton Fun-Raiser

The community of Acton is involved in positively impacting the Acton youth. The children today are the future tomorrow….

We are proud to announce our youth community event, YOUth Can, to be held Saturday February 25th from 12-4pm. Part time resident, Joel Brag, who grew up in Acton is hosting the YOUth Can. Joel’s company, Take One Event Rentals will provide all the tents, canopies, tables, chairs, sound equipment and dunk booths. There will be local food vendors, face painting, arts and crafts, and more. It will be a day filled with fun for Acton’s youth, as well as a day of education on the environment, the arts, and music for youth and adults alike.

YOUth Can Information

Children and Youth age 0-17, will be admitted for no charge. Adult tickets will be $12, and all proceeds will go back into the Acton community, supporting programs for the advancement of the educational programs. For more information and donations please contact Sherry at promote@youthcan.com.

YOUth Can has been developed to lead the growth, development and change of local issues, both in Acton and statewide.

Educating our youth on current issues, as well promoting communication and addressing their concerns or questions is essential in the positive development of our children. We must lead by example, promote the vocalization of current affairs, and encourage communication.  Communication and really listening to what is being said by our youth helps us to hear what is being said, and even what not is being said. Read More

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a man who helped forage Civil Rights for African Americans and gain equality for all of humanity.  It was with his non violent approach to protesting as well as his inspirational speeches that aided him in being awarded with the Nobel Peace prize in 1964.  He in fact built a foundation for future protests and america to stand on.  Although his life was ended too soon on April 4th 1968, he is still remembered for many things including helping to create the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964 as well as the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia to Michael King and Alberta Williams King.  He was their middle child having both a brother and a sister.  Born Michael King Jr. he later changed his name to Martin Luther King Jr. after his own father Michael King Sr. adopted the name in honor of German Protestant religious leader Martin Luther.  Martin Luther King Sr. had taken over his father in law’s ministry as a pastor and succeeded in becoming a beloved minister at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Martin Luther King Jr. would take over for King Sr becoming a well respected and beloved minister himself.  

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Outdoor Fun Near Acton

What is there to do or where should you go if you love the outdoors and are visiting Acton, California? Lucky for you nature enthusiasts there are two different parks, and a National Forest all within a short distance from this California town.  

The first to check out is Placerita Canyon Park.  This historical state landmark is the site of the first discovery of gold found in the state of California in 1842!  The preserve has been set up to protect its historical background and the remains of an old historical ranch that can be found within the park.. Next to see are the Sandstone formations, different flowing streams depending on the season,as well as beautiful cottonwood and native sycamore trees.  You will find this park nestled in between the San Gabriel Mountains and the Mojave Desert. But it doesn’t stop there, there are linkages within this preserve that connect it to the Angeles National Forest, Santa Susana Mountains, Simi Hills, and the Santa Monica Mountains!  Great place to take the family for a little exploring and a tremendous amount of natures beauty.  

Next up we have the Angeles National Forest which is made up of 700,176 acres of land, found in between the San Gabriel Mountains and the Sierra Pelona Mountains.  It was first established in 1908, and boasts five designated wilderness areas.

  • Cucamonga Wilderness
  • Magic Mountain Wilderness
  • PleasantView Ridge Wilderness
  • San Gabriel Wilderness
  • Sheep Mountain Wilderness

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