Invest In Yourself, Invest In Real Estate

When deciding on the city or town that is right for you to call home you have to think about the type or property you are going to invest in.  Buying a home is an exciting and scary thing all rolled into one, however knowing how to properly invest in real estate is a skill that will benefit you in many ways.  Whether you are buying property to make your home or investing to turn around and make a profit there are definitely key things to be aware of and take into consideration.  When purchasing my first home in Acton I was very green in the real estate field.  However I reached out to a Phoenix based company DKings,  which is not only a real estate mentoring company but also does “Fix & Flip” property renovation.  I have to admit that starting out I felt intimidated and lacked confidence in myself in this field.  Buying and selling real estate deals with a lot of money at stake and that was just plain scary to me.  However working with Kaulana DeLeon the owner and creator of DKings was an experience that I can only call beneficial and amazing.  Starting with next to no knowledge at all I took away from my mentoring program the skill set to buy and sell property, fix and flip houses with a big profit margin to my advantage, as well as soundly invest in a home of my own.  Having worked with him over 2 years ago now I have thrown myself into the real estate business and have succeeded greatly.  The awesome thing about it is if I still have questions or need mentoring I call kings and they continue to aid me in growing even more knowledgeable.

Would I have been able to acquire this knowledge by myself? Probably over a VERY long period of time and with a lot more time and energy.  With a full time job and a family to take care of like a lot of you, I didn’t have all that time and my energy was often low after a 10 hour work day.  Tailoring my mentoring schedule to my needs was probably one of the greatest benefits other than the real estate knowledge I have gained from working with these people.

 What I can honestly say is that not knowing is very intimidating at times, It can make the field you want to learn about that more easily left un explored.  The knowledge and the positive improvements that can be made to your life and finances though is beyond worth it.  Learning how to properly invest in real estate and handle the different aspect has made things so much greater for myself.  I encourage all of you who read this to find a real estate mentor in your area or to contact Dkings and set your goals in motion. Real estate is an ongoing industry that will never die.