The Thomas Fire-Biggest Fire In California History

As part of the state of California as well as out of sole compassion for all of those involved and devastated by the Thomas Fire burning throughout Southern California, we wanted to do a featured blog on the devastation and loss that has ensued since the beginning of this enormous blaze.  Starting on December, 4th of 2017, the fire quickly grew to an overwhelming mass, consuming everything within its path, as it was being fueled by the Santa Ana winds coming out of Ventura.  Cal Fire (California department of Forestry & Fire Protection) has deemed the Thomas fire the largest in California history having burned more 273,400. This is surpassing the Cedar Fire of San diego that burned 273,246 acres in 2003. It is also listed as the third most destructive structural wise with consuming 1,063 structures along its destructive path.  More than 2,800 firefighters have battled flames for more than 3 weeks.  In fact it has been one of if not the most expensive fire to battle in history, totaling a price tag of 110 million dollars!  Although we can say that we have not had many deaths related to this fire, it did take the life of one brave San Diego based firefighter, Cory Iverson.  Our heart and prayers go out to the family of Corey Iverson we are so thankful of his efforts and service!

With weather conditions improving, firefighters are finally getting an advantage on the fire, with no new balzes starting.  We as a community here in Acton can only begin to imagine the devastation and loss that families and residents of Ventura and Santa Barbara county may feel.  With numerous families losing their homes, belongings, and family keepsakes the rebuilding process is just beginning.  Should any of our readers, residents, or friends wish to volunteer in helping these communities start to pick up the pieces and rebuild, we suggest you reach out to the California Red Cross. Any and all volunteer efforts can aid in helping people being to recover from this tremendous natural disaster.  We also encourage all of the residents of this state to be mindful and aware of fire hazards and fire causing items and situations.  While something can start as a small flame we have just seen as a world how quickly that flame can grow becoming devastating disaster that cannot be undone.