Acton Fun-Raiser

The community of Acton is involved in positively impacting the Acton youth. The children today are the future tomorrow….

We are proud to announce our youth community event, YOUth Can, to be held Saturday February 25th from 12-4pm. Part time resident, Joel Brag, who grew up in Acton is hosting the YOUth Can. Joel’s company, Take One Event Rentals will provide all the tents, canopies, tables, chairs, sound equipment and dunk booths. There will be local food vendors, face painting, arts and crafts, and more. It will be a day filled with fun for Acton’s youth, as well as a day of education on the environment, the arts, and music for youth and adults alike.

YOUth Can Information

Children and Youth age 0-17, will be admitted for no charge. Adult tickets will be $12, and all proceeds will go back into the Acton community, supporting programs for the advancement of the educational programs. For more information and donations please contact Sherry at

YOUth Can has been developed to lead the growth, development and change of local issues, both in Acton and statewide.

Educating our youth on current issues, as well promoting communication and addressing their concerns or questions is essential in the positive development of our children. We must lead by example, promote the vocalization of current affairs, and encourage communication.  Communication and really listening to what is being said by our youth helps us to hear what is being said, and even what not is being said.

YOUth Can is providing a safe space for interaction, education, and communication.

What are your child’s concerns of the world?

What are your children taking about?

How does social media influence them?

Are they aware of their impact on not only people, but the environment?

Do you have the answers to these questions? If so, is it because you’ve asked or your assuming.

As time progresses, many things evolve. Communication is one of the, if not the most effective tools for change. Do you know how to communicate? Does your child?

Let’s gather together and engage with one another. Learn the positive power of social media, learn what is important to our youth and let’s develop a way to promote their success and their contntual growth as a community.

As big, special thanks to all of those that are donating time and resources for YOUth Can. Your efforts play a big role on creating this event, as well as show your care in the Acton Community.

Take One Event Rentals – Event & Party Supply Company

Josie Magro, Natalie Rego – Face Painting

Trader Joe’s- Food & Grocery Donations

Carol Moss- Catering, Food, and Beverage Coordinator

Ross McQueen – DJ

Travis Raine, Dorothy Chillot, Pete Sanbout – Water Activity Coordinators

Dane Retuer, Jerry Simms, Mark Nelson, Cory Mclong, Mike Nelson – Security

There are many volunteers helping to make this event come together and successful. We thank all of you for you time and your help!!