Vinyl Wraps – What are they?

Heading down Crown Valley Road, a gold chrome, snake skin care sped passed me. No lie, chrome and snake skin, it was quite a looker. Let’s just say it stood out.

Come to learn, this type of customization is called a vehicle wrap. I began to do a little research on what exactly a vehicle wrap was, just for my own understanding, as what I say, although not my style, was quite amazing.

I came across a blog written by Haus of Wraps. They are a vehicle wrap shop in San Diego. Their blog provided some great info, but I decided to call and get a little more information.

I spoke with Ed, one of the owners. He was glad to provide me with information about the wrap industry, and come to find out, they are planning to open a shop in Acton by summer of this year….coincidence, small world…who knows.

After my research and the information provided by Ed, this article came to fruition.

What is a Vinyl Wrap?

In layman’s terms, a vinyl wrap basically like a big stick er that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. It is pressure sensitive and be molded to any shape. The film comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and textures. Images and graphics can also be printed on these films, truly making for customization of any project.

What can you wrap with vinyl?

Vinyl can be applied or installed to most surfaces, although most people are familiar with car wraps. Vinyl can be installed on cars, boats, trucks, walls, windows, ice chests, toilets…yes toilets, and more. Now you may not have seen a gold chrome snake skin car, but i’m sure you’ve seen a truck or van advertising their business info on their vehicle, well that is a vinyl as well. That is actually the graphics application. So really it’s all around us.

What is the Cost of Vinyl?

Well Ed told me that it depends on the what is being wrapped, if graphics are done, what material is used, and the amount of coverage that needs to be applied, which all makes sense. He did inform me that a vinyl used for a vehicle wrap is a lot cheaper (1/3 of the cost) than a paint job, and offers protection to the vehicle and paint itself. 

He also informed me that from a business stand point, it is one of the best return on investments for marketing. He said think about it, how many people can you get in front of with your commercial vehicle containing the right information? It’s like a mobile billboard. He told me that some companies will actually pay people to wrap their vehicles and advertise for them. Because a vehicle wrap does not have to be permanent and is easily removable, it makes perfect sense from an advertising standpoint.

I think what a vinyl wrap offers on many levels is just fabulous. Come to find out, the inks and materials are very eco-friendly as well. This accompanied with the all of the other great benefits make a vinyl wrap very appealing!

My suggestions is to explore the whole vinyl wrap thing a little more. If you have questions, Ed says feel free to contact them. They will soon be an local Acton business.

I am actually going to have my husband’s tool box wrapped as an early birthday gift for him!  That’s real wrapping:)!!