The 411 on solar in California


Solar Energy as an alternative energy is a very discussed topic, especially in California. Whether you are in Acton, or another Cali location, solar is bug new. California leads the solar market industry. It makes sense with the solar advocates and policies, along with the sun that bathes the pacific, and the fact that California is the most populated state in the U.S.

Although Acton is a small, considerable laid back town compared to other So Cal areas, solar still plays a big role in the local market.

We decided to offer some information on solar for those residing in Acton, as well as other locations in the largely populated, sunny state of California.

Solar energy is energy created by the sun. Solar cells, or solar technology capture the sun’s energy and convert it into a useable energy, one that can be used to power the many electric “necessities in life. Solar power therefore reduces the emissions and negative environmental effects that crude oil places on our world as a whole. I mean why not harness the natural power and energy from the sun and use it for our benefit. Whether or not your an environmental supporter or activist (although everyone should be considerate), solar energy reduces the amount of money spent on electricity. That directly impacts you because of money spent or money saved.

Currently there are both Federal and state incentives for people to go solar. Each state offers different incentives, rebates and tax breaks for people who “go solar”. Many areas of California have tapped out on these state incentives and rebates, although some are still available. Federal incentives are in place until December 31, 2019. The incentives prove to be very advantageous and help greatly to increase the return on your solar investment.

With the drive to increase the amount of green renewable energy sources and reduce our use of resources that negatively impact the environment, solar options have evolved.

Acton, Ca has higher than average energy costs, which may just be the leading reason that it is an area that has the highest percentage of home powered by solar.  Located just north of Los Angeles, which by the way is one place in the nation that receives peak annual sunlight hours, Acton residents and businesses greatly benefit from opting for solar. Not all states allow for leasing panels, which is an appealing option to many people. Acton does allow for solar leasing, which gives residents more choices on how they can go solar. Solar leasing allows for a smaller upfront investment, being that you pay a monthly cost. That monthly cost should be smaller than your monthly electric bill for it to make financial sense, although environmental sense should also still be considered.

Acton residents on average receive a faster return on their initial solar investment because of the higher cost of energy combined with the available incentives. Check out our website directory and find a solar provider in Acton. Explore if solar energy is right for you from a financial standpoint, because form an eco friendly standpoint, it is right for everyone.